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BLACK DESERT ONLINE Kini Hair Ornament and Karmen Crown Head Costume from Deve's Encyclopedia

Upon completing Deve's Encyclopedia Adventure Log you will receive freebies. I am enticed on the free headgear costume so I decided to do the entire log with my friend.  (•ө•)💕

You will get two possible head gears depending on your choice. It is either the Black Desert Online Kini Hair Ornament or the Karmen Crown for male characters.

👑 Kini Hair Ornament 👑

👑 Karmen Crown 👑

According to my research on various websites, they stated that you can get the headgear costume upon completing book 5 of Deve's journal.

That is not the case in our experience. The black spirit only prompted that we can get the Kini Hair Ornament or the Karmen Crown once you finished the first 2 pages of book 6.

It is important to know that you need to finish all the pages of all books from 1-5. On book 6 however, you only need the first 2 pages and this prize will be triggered by the black spirit. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

The headgears can be dyed so you can play around whatever color you want. I prefer it to be golden for my Kini Hair Ornament. The Karmen Crown is already gold by default.

I am about to finish Deve's journal but I actually need something from Khan loot so it is now on hold. Once I finished everything, I can also get a dessert fox pet! 🐕

So I've been trying to take a good picture of romance themed screenshot and so far, I have one successful attempt via sitting position. I am inspired to do an embrace ss while standing but still trying to figure things out. (/◕ヮ◕)/

I know this is a spam but I want to archive all of this here! Somehow my ss storage space consumes so much of my space, y'all know why. 😳

Okay, last straw of this first successful attempt! It should look like the archer is embracing moi char from behind. 😉

Still wearing the Kini Hair Ornament and Karmen Crown here so it is still related on the title. 👀

Bonus! We went to Kamasylvia and saw this big white elk. Looks majestic as it can be! So me and my friend chilling at the side of this god-like creature while drinking beer. 🍻

I just realized two costumes fits the archer class the most. My number one bet is the Karlstein and this Glorious Shudad. It gives that badass vibes on the character. 💕

Hoping to get some Kahn loots someday to complete my Deve journal!


✨ Star-crossed Lovers Story 

It was one of those summer days where I visit the province of Kamasylvia to stay with my relatives. Summer, summer. Yes, it is only when summer comes that I visit this place ever since I am a kid.

Somehow I get acquainted with a few kids and already familiar with some of the people living in the area because I visit yearly.

I can say, I grew up together with the people living here even though I only stay some months yearly. We already knew each other easily and became close even we live apart for the rest of the year.

Now, we are all grown and visiting the place is nostalgic. Some of my friends here already got families of their own, some went away to transfer to another place and some, unfortunately, left the world.

Me? Well, being the adventurer and explorer that I am, I am still alone on my journeys but the wonderful part of it is... I never stop discovering and never get bored with the stories and hearing the life of the new people I meet.

The temperature of the vicinity I stay in Kamasylvia is quite hot. Afternoons are spent outside, either drinking tea, chatting with my relatives or reading books. 

Of course, hunting some meat is also on the weekly agenda but to be honest, my cousins mostly initiate to do those so I am left with the processing tasks at home such as filtering our daily water.

It was a cozy afternoon, the dawn is near. I was finishing reading a book to obtain knowledge when my little cousin barged inside the second floor of the house where my room is. 

"Look outside, look outside!" she shouted with her bright blue eyes looking at me with excitement. 

She held my hand and points at the door to the balcony area.

"What is it?" I curiously asked while letting myself be dragged by my cousin at the balcony.

I saw my aunt standing there looking below, she glanced at me and smiled.

"Looks like someone is here for you my dear. Come here." she gave a slight nod and looked at the direction pointing below.

My eyes immediately saw the man standing below, holding a garnier guitar.  He gave me a gentle smile and waved.

"Ra... Rai!?" I uttered and mumbled to say my friends' name but somehow I cannot finish any sentence and word.

I am shocked. He is my friend since we we're kids. The man who put a caterpillar inside my bag just to prank me. That one kid who always tells me to run faster or do better and it pisses me off cause he is indeed always better than me in anything. 

He never even looked at me as a girl. We are just competing with each other since we met. Although, I admit he literally saved my life from a mob before when we are attacked outside while playing as a kid. I will never forget that day.

Why am I remembering all these things now? Ah... no way! 

 So... a man holding a guitar, wearing a fancy suit. How the hell is this happening? Is this even real? It only means one thing...

"Serenade! Serenade!" my little cousin Lulu clapped her hands cheering for my friend. 

I looked at my aunt with an embarrassed face. Somehow my face turned red from the event that is happening to me. I freaking hate love stories and I am always the one who says, "Eww!" when someone asks me if I have a crush or if I like someone.

My attention then is called my by dear friend amidst the thoughts that is making me want to sink at the bottom of this balcony. 

"Lulu, Aunt Ingrid, are you ready to hear me play?" he waved at them, his voice sounds reassuring.

They both clapped and Lulu started to playfully jump beside me.

"How about my dear Arabella? Are you ready to hear a composition you can never fathom to play?" he smirked at me and winked.

This little rascal! He even initiates a competition now. I know he is joking but my heart cannot contain this new feeling. Probably embarrassment and... feelings I do not know forming from shock.

"Do your best then and don't fail me!" I waved at him and smiled. I am trying to hide all the shock and embarrassment from the people around me.

As he start playing the guitar everyone kept quiet. The melody is enticing and calm. I can imagine the river and the serene moon from the hymn. It gives you a calming feeling, like a guardian guiding you.

Suddenly he started singing with his low voice, he looked at me I couldn't look back directly at his eyes. It feels like every word is piercing my heart.

"In a place where I am alone suddenly one summer day you came. I looked at your face and the skies light up. Whenever I look at you suddenly my heart feels warm."

Why am I hearing all of this... is this how he really feels about me? 

" Every time she leaves, I am counting months like tormenting years. Asking when I can see her again? A bright smiling face, like a little sister who follows me around all day."

My aunt is giggling on the side. Does she even know all of this? Is she also part of this plan?

"I felt my fate is before my eyes.  Missing her voice telling me see you tomorrow, let's play again! But when tomorrow comes, she nowhere to be found. How can I ever make her stay?"

In a clutch, he kneeled and offered a rose. I cannot believe this is happening. I am still moved by his serenade and the words he just sang. 

"My intention is more truthful than love. My dearest, can you let me prove myself to you and let me protect you?" 

Somehow his face seems calm and collected unlike me who is obviously shocked. What shall I say? Lulu then held my hand and dragged me downstairs, Aunt Ingrid then followed at our back.

Still my head cannot focus on the words I shall tell him. Lulu hurriedly opened the door and pushed me in front of her. 

Aunt Ingrid then made a sign to step forward telling me to talk to him and answer. This time I am closer to him and I can see his face clearly. I wanna make a witty joke but somehow I cannot say anything silly right now.

He kneeled again before me and uttered my name. A man asking for an honest answer. Somehow I cannot hold my excitement and embarrassment.

Will I let him court me? Do I have the same feelings? What will happen if I ever say yes? How can a man prove his worth? 

I have so many questions yet I felt a heavy heart warming feeling I never felt before.

I never felt before
I never felt before
I never felt before
I never felt before

💖 Nine 💖


BLACK DESERT ONLINE Kini Hair Ornament and Karmen Crown Head Costume from Deve's Encyclopedia

Upon completing Deve's Encyclopedia Adventure Log you will receive freebies. I am enticed on the free headgear costume so I decided to ...